Live to Work or Work to Live

It is becoming more and more apparent that we all just need more time to help cultivate our relationships. We all have so many things that take away from us spending time with the people who make us laugh, happy, and who we share common interest with.

How many of us have wanted to meet up with a friend, or potential new mate and realized that you just didn’t have the time. What about also just not wanting to free up your time to meet because you start to think is this person really worth all my time. Do I really want to split my precious time to hang out with this person, and would it be a problem if I flaked on them?

Work Life or Social Life

Work Life Becomes Our Everything

It becomes a question of how much do we want to further grow our relationships with the people around us, are we willing to make the effort going forward to make sure that our relationships do not fade out, or do we tend to make up excuses that we can see them another day.


We end up rationalizing that it’s perfectly fine that we did not spend time with our friends or love interest putting our social lives on hold to get ahead which seems to be turning into the norm.

Don’t Let Time Slip Away

We Become Consumed in Our Time Bubble of Work

How do we learn to split our time to have a healthy balance with furthering our careers and having a social life. Before another day turns into next week, next month, until you realize it’s been months since you have talked or seen the people you care about.

We let society consume our daily lives until we stop making time for the people around us. We wonder why our phones don’t ring anymore, why we weren’t invited to go out, or until we simply stop being included in other people’s special moments.


People will give each other chances and brush off the missed events here and there, the missed dinners, and phone calls until they realize it has become a pattern. Then our relationships naturally just don’t exist anymore.

Make Time For Our Relationships

Friends Enjoying A Quick Selfie Together

We need to learn how to split our time: to manage our work life, family life, single life, love life, so that we can make the necessary time to spend with the people we care about. A huge cause of dying relationships is neglect.

How about making plans once a week, or every other Sunday to spend time with our friends. Give your family adequate quality time and plan some new date nights with your lover.

Plan some group activities such as:

  • Getaways
  • Hikes
  • Wine Tasting
  • Spa Days
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Picnics
  • Painting Classes Together
  • Cooking Classes Together
  • Go Dancing
  • Work Out Together

Splitting Our Time to Make Room For Our Relationships

Friends Making Time For One Another

We must learn that another day is not the best answer or solution to our time issues. Time does not wait on anyone, and the longer we push people to the side we will find ourselves alone.

Make sure to do what you can today to keep your relationships going. We need those healthy relationships in our lives, so nourish the ones that you have now and the new ones you will make along the way.

That’s My Take Until Next Time

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